Subscriptions for Kidz

Unlock Unlimited Creativity with a KidzArt subscription! 


Discover a world of artistic adventure with a KidzArt subscription at Artistic Adventures! Designed for maximum flexibility and savings, our subscription program offers an exciting and economical way to encourage your child's artistic journey.

When you sign up for a KidzArt subscription, your account is immediately filled with Class Passes. These passes are your key to registering your child for our enriching art classes. Here's how it works:

1. **Flexible Usage**: Use your Class Passes any way you like. You can register for multiple classes in a week, or spread them out over several weeks. The choice is yours!

2. **Bring a Friend**: Want to make art classes even more fun? Use your Class Passes to bring along a friend or family member. Art is always more enjoyable when shared!

3. **Monthly Replenishment**: Your account is replenished with fresh Class Passes each month on the date you initially signed up, ensuring your child always has access to our artistic adventures.

4. **Roll Over**: No pressure if you can't use all your passes within the month. Any remaining passes will roll over to the next month, so you never lose what you've paid for!

With a KidzArt subscription, your child can explore, learn, and create art at their own pace, all while enjoying significant savings. So why wait? Subscribe today and let your child's imagination run wild!

Because at KidzArt, we believe that creativity has no limits, and with our KidzArt subscription, the possibilities are endless!