Watercolor Whimsy

Adult Watercolor Exploration

Location: 10660 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL

Day: Every other Thursday, 5:30pm

Description: This class is tailored to embrace the learner in everyone, offering a blend of fundamental teachings and advanced techniques. Each week, we'll explore the charming nuances of watercolor painting, from the basic brush strokes to the complex dance of colors on paper, nurturing your skills and creative expression.

🎨Course Features:

🎨 Materials: As always, we provide all necessary watercolor materials in our studio. 

Pricing Options:

Whether you're seeking to refine your existing skills or discover a new hobby, "Watercolor Whimsy" is the perfect setting to let your creativity blossom. Select the package that fits your goals and join us in a space where pigments, paper, and imagination come alive!

Come paint the seasons with us at "Watercolor Whimsy" – where every brushstroke is a step towards mastering the art of watercolor.