Anime for Middle Schoolers

Fridays, 5-6:30 pm, ages 10+


Is your child always doodling, cartooning, or loves creating new characters? Would they like to expand upon their knowledge, and enhance their artistic abilities? Then this is the class for them! 

Class meets weekly and students draw together based on the weeks skill focus. The class is focused on cartoon drawing techniques and character design and construction. This class looks to analyze not only the character's external features, but also discuss their personalities and how that influences design. 

We start with a rough sketch, followed by ink lines and finally adding some color. We will look at shape and form to layout our drawing and construct our character using simple 3D shapes first.  This class is interactive, where students will draw along with the instructor during the session and we will aim to have a completed drawing by the end of the class. This class is for the complete beginner, to a more advanced drawing student. The skills covered in this class will ultimately help students draw from their imagination and crate interesting engaging characters with personality.

The curriculum focuses on essential skills such as:

Whether you're a seasoned sketch artist or just beginning your artistic journey, our Anime and Character Design Classes offer an exciting dive into the world of Anime. Join us and start creating your own anime universe today!

Because at KidzArt, we believe that every story deserves to be told, especially yours.

*Each class is ongoing but if you miss one you can make up on any other day, never lose a class!

Have a child under 10 who is interested in Anime? Check out our Friday Creator Club Class: Anime Elementary Class for ages 5+