Adult Drawing

Thursdays, 6:30 pm

It's never too late to learn to draw!

Always wanted to learn to draw? It's NEVER too late!

Learn to draw from a professional artist: Jay Harmon! Jay's work can be found in a gallery located in Boca Raton (or you can check it out here: His preferred medium is colored pencils and graphite. Jay's expertise is in several styles, including ultra-realism, abstract realism, and vector realism.

Our Adult Drawing class is for creators wishing to get started with basic drawings of faces, animals or posing figures. In this class you will learn the basic elements of effective drawing including: line, shape, form, texture, value and space in a fun and interesting way. We will also explore more advanced techniques and skills such as anatomy, portraiture and perspective. Skills will be built through ongoing projects that help to develop each artists’ needs while meeting artistic goals.

Medium (included in class cost): 11x17 sketch paper/pad & drawing/ charcoal pencils

Never lose a class! If you can't make it, simply find your confirmation email and click "reschedule"!